5.7" inch UHD 2560 x 1440 Monitor, 4K120P Recorder, Intel Core Computer & Live Streaming device and a perfect device for your RED camera, allowing to record RAW RED r3d onto USB drives as well as SDXC cards


Have you think about purchasing a RED camera (like the new Red Raven or Red Scarlet Weapon) but decided to not due to the high cost of accesories like propietary RED mini-mags SSD recording media that cost 2450 $ for a 512GB drive ?

Do you have a DSCM1 or DSMC2 RED camera, or plan to buy one but not sure about, also due to the high cost of a RED monitor (1.450$ to 2.950$ for 4.7" to7"). Or Do you plan to better use a third party monitor, but again considering, the fact that to use an external monitor on your RED you need to add a RED module for the RED camera brain to be able to output the video via HDMI or SDI for use an external non-RED monitors (a RED base expander with HDMI port cost 1.750$ + the cost of a external 1920x1080 monitor). Next is available in different configurations with HDMI, 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI combinations.

Here comes Cinemartin with a solution for those users that want / think about purchasing a RED camera, but not decided at all, and also for existing users that are looking for cheap recoding options, and also for the features that a fully powered Intel Core skylake with 24GB of DDR4 RAM can provide, including live streaming, built in Wifi, BluTooth, etc ..

Cinemartin, for same price as one unit of RED 512GB mini-mag, 2450$, gives you 512GB of faster SSD storage (m.2) in a small computer device, running Windows 10,  that allows RED camera users to record not only on the internel 512GB M.2 SSD drive, but also on external USB drives, yes, cheap usb drives like Samsung T1, T3, but there are more, this device is also able to record RAW RED r3d files directly to single SDXC (UHS 1) cards, like the ones from sandisk (+95MBps).

Almost any input/output/port

TEODORED comes with 4x USB 3.0 500 MBps ports (with host suport) say to connect a pendrive or a USB 3.0 drive to backup your recorded media, to plug a wifi pen, etc.. but there are more ports and opportunities.

Say Hello to the world, Broadcast Live input or desktop, just Live Streaming all-in-one.

Comes also with 1x GigaEthernet GIG-E compatible port and WiFi and Blutooth allowing you to have a real streaming device, simply add to a wifi or cable network or plug a SIM to USB adaptor and let your assistant or director see your recorded clips or any other thing you want to allow to, from say the other side of the globe, just using internet and their tablet, smartphone, or TV.

Using any of these devices with the included software and any broadcast account like the free ones from youtube, users can Live Stream to anywhere in the world the HDMI video input signal or what you see on the screen (video or desktop), just plug the camera, press Start Streaming and all the video from MiniM or TEODORED will be Live available for other users anywhere in the world, to real view what your camera is being outputting (no need to record although users can simultaneously record and stream), and all Live just at the same time (with a little delay betw. 1 and 10 seconds approx. depending on server; youtube is about 8-10 seconds) , so good if you want or desire to retransmitt live music, sports, a congress, go for tv, or simply enjoy your input or desktop screen with your friends say to get some feedback, or let your customer see what you are doing or recording, etc.. just as of now ! You only need MiniM or TEODORED and your SIM mobile card (data or voice + data) or connect to a Wifi connection / point, the rest -excluding your camera- is included in this device.

Almost no external media needed, there's integrated drive, plus you can use USB and SD cards. Dont need to move files, you can edit them within.

Dont worry about the media,  It comes with integrated SSD media (from 250GB to 512 GB), so you save from buying RED drive/s (propietary and expensive). You may connect a external SSD USB drive like Samsung T1, but TEODORED allows to simply plug a keyboard / mouse, connect an additional monitor / screens, and use it as a computer, so you dont need to move files as you can edit them in the same device, simple, fast, affordable, All-In-One.

This new devices are also true computers, featuring a workstation onboard computer based on Intel chip, providing with an Intel Core last generation Skylake CPU processor with up to 24GB of DDR4 RAM, a Internal SSD M.2 fast drive, 4x USB 3.0 ports (1 being for charge devices at 5V like smartphones), and Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, GigaEthernet, HDMI and Display Port out, a SDXC R/W card slot, and a bunch of included software that will provide your device things like the ability to encode to H.265 or Live Streaming your content via WiFi or via a SIM Data card (with an external SIM to USB adaptor), all in a size that keeps in your palm (15 x 10 x 5cm), and have a competing price starting at sub 2.000 US$.
Next is available in different configurations with HDMI, 6G-SDI and 12G-SDI combinations.

COMPACT & Low Power: From DSLR's to Medium size cams

TEODORED can be powered with Canon / Sony batteries (there's an adaptor sold separately), by using any 12V - 19V power source (like external batteries module, DTAP adaptors, etc..), DC or directly by the RED cameras bodies, using a LEMO cable adaptor. It only consumes about 19W.


# 5.7" Inch IPS monitor
# 16.77 Millions of Colors
# QHD native display resolutions
# 550 NIT's
# GIG-E INPUT (Compatible with RED cameras)
# Intel Core Skylake computer 2.6 GHz up to 2.9 GHZ
# 8 to 24GB of DDR4 RAM at 2133 Mhz
# Supports RED Tether, Pro cine, Adobe Cloud Video/Photo apps, DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and more
# Full of ports (usb3, usb 5V charge, hdmi, displayport, sdxc r/w card slot)
# Built in WiFi and bluetooth, as well as NFC and CIR.
# Win 10
# DC in12V - 19V
# Dimensions 15x10x5cm
# From < 2.000 US$ / EUR with Worldwide shipping (from USA or EU)


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