Build on a Multi-layer pattern design.

Atoms & Krait multimedia specific instructions
Intel said last year that mkv playing is not supported on Android**, but Cinemartin Hoid now (as of June, 2014) is capable of playing MKV and H.265 on MKV Containers besides Mp4, and Hevc and Aac (for video & audio or video only & audio only).

H.265 playback has been developed with enhancement of last processors instructions from intel including SSE, TBB, Yasm and SIMD extensions as long as Snapdragon Krait 400+ / Adreno 330 GPU dynamic multithreading and expanded multimedia instructions, Open GL & Open CL.
*ProRes 4444 is expected to be supported in July /August release. Now 4:2:2 is supported

Compressed 4K UHD Videos with unnoticeable difference

The Mercedes Benz CLS63 Making Of
Following is a sample taking from the recordings of a spot for Mercedes Benz, the making of.
Recorded using Sony flagship PMW-F65 camera, that records on RAW SRMaster codec, original file weights 3.84 GB (link to download)

Left picture (click to enlarge) is the clip in AVC H.264 format, that have a size of 119MB). Bottom one is the H.265 output generated by Cinec 3.X, playable on Hoid Android.

Click to open the image with a bigger size

Designed to avoid bandwith mobile operators limitations

Movies, clips, videos, cooking, uploading, downloading, sending, receiving, sharing and now as never, with ridiculous file sizes with high quality. Cinemartin Hoid embraces the worldwide limitations imposed by phone companies and provide users a way to share, upload, download and play high quality videos without the file size restrictions found until the arrival of H.264 and H.265.

HOID SUPPORTED INPUT FORMATS: avi, mov, mxf, mkv, mp4, mkv, wmv, mts, mpeg, mpg, flv, mp4, mp3, m4v, ts (transport stream), 3gp, ..

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