Samples ready for download, ready for test in Hoid

Following are sample files of videos you can download ready to play on Android, you must use Hoid to play the h.265 videos.
You will find both the originals and the outputs being produced by Cinemartin Cinec available to play in Hoid.

Mercedes Benz spot trailer by Magnamana and Pillefilm, the making of, recorded using Sony flagship PMW-F65 camera was encoded to h265 for web & mobile channels distribution using Cinemartin Cinec. original SR RAW SRMaster Sony file size was 3.84 GB, then it was converted to AVC at 119MB then Cinec convert to h265 to only 1.52 MB, and that file is playable on Android Devices using Hoid. Just Check out

Original Prores 4444 1080p24 21’ 619MB:


Output Encoded to H.265 using 3rd party desktop app in MKV container, 1080p24 21’  7 MB


Output Encoded to H.265 using Cinec 3.X desktop app in MP4 container, 1080p24 21’  1,76 MB


Mercedes Benz Making of CLS63 recorded with Sony F65  3840x2160p25 ‘10  RAWSRMASTER 3.84GB


Mercedes Benz Making of CLS63 recorded with Sony F65  3840x2160p25 ‘10  H.264 119 MB


Mercedes Benz Making of CLS63 recorded with Sony F65  3840x2160p25 ‘10  Cinec  3.X H.265 1.52 MB


Original 5.4K (beyond 4K) video  5428x2900p24 ‘10 4.7GB


5.4K Video encoded to H.265 using dev. / preview next release of Cinec, the first to support H265 up to 8K 12 MB


Check out soon for more sample footage

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