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Following are the words about Cinemartin Cinec from many customers around the word

What the pros say about Cinemartin Cinec
  • Jeff Galyan said on his website about our video encoder on April 2014:
    " ‘The Cinec software is likewise an essential tool for Windows workflows that need ProRes encoding, since it can accept almost any input format. The sample videos available from Cinemartin show that the output is of at least equal quality to Apple’s Compressor output’"
  • Paul Russell from Calamity Studio ( said on March 2014:
    "‘Cinec really works, even on R3D, DNXHD and Cineform encoded files. The batch mode is very handy for converting entire directories into multiple file types overnight unattended, and the colour translation is superb. Now everyone in the PC world can take advantage of ProRes’ excellent compression and quality.’"
  • Victor Van Dijk ( said on June 2014
    " ‘What I really like about Cinec Plin is that it's a no frills plugin, it simply does what it says and does a good and fast job at it. It simply works! And from experience, I can tell that the team at Cinemartin is most helpful and ready just about 24/7! I strongly recommend Cinemartin and the Cinec Plin Plugin for Premiere Pro’"
  • Henry olonga ( said on April 2014:
    " ‘Few things are perfect in this world but if you wish to produce Prores files on a PC or encode to the most excellent H264 or even H265 – I think that on a PC there aren’t too many options that are as simple, effective and produce undeniably incredible quality.’"
  • Andrew Huddleston & Lissa Ladefoged on 22 Apr 2014 " ‘If you are doing multi-camera music videos like we do .. We record in Prores 422 HQ and the first thing we have to do is make so-called proxy versions of the camera original high quality files. Cinemartin, a company based in Barcelona, Spain, have developed a fantastic conversion program called Cinec, which can do far more than we actually need at the moment but for our needs it certainly fills the bill.’ 'It takes a few seconds to set up this batch processing scenario and then it just performs the task amazingly quickly' "
  • ABOUT CINEMARTIN PLIN PLUGIN Chris Paul on 22 Apr 2014
    "‘Recently bought the Plin plugin so I can export ProRes from Premiere Pro CC on my PC. Contacted Marc at tech support. Not only did he interrupt his dinner preparations to help me (he is 8 hours ahead in Spain) they made everything work for me anyway. There is a reason to support smaller companies like Cinemartin, now more than ever.’"
  • Peter Tuddenham about our support level said on March 2014
    "‘Many thanks for working on this last night. I appreciate your attention. Impressive level of support on a weekend. Thanks .’"



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