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7" HDR 10 BIT High Brightness 1000 NIT Monitor 
1920 x 1080 Slim / Thin, Aluminum, Up to 2x Batts, HDMI input.

PRESS RELEASE, August - September  2016
Cinemartin, the team that develops the leading video / transcoding prores and HEVC H.265 converters and other tools like the universal 15mm bars baseplate for cameras and the 4K portable recorder / monitor / streamer / computer series of NEXT and TEO, now is proud to announce VENUS.

high brightness 7 inch monitor

Based on the previous experience with the 5.7 inch QHD display found on Cinemartin TEO & TEODORED, now Cinemartin introduces VENUS: a 7 inch HDR High Brightness 700 to 1000 Nits of luminance high quality monitor, with 10 Bit processing (8 bit + 2 FRC) providing up to  1.07 Billions of colors, 179º degrees of viewable angle, contrast of 1000:1, and a outstanding true 1080 resolution in a profesional aluminum chassis (instead of typical plastic), with a power consumption of only 9 Watts, it can be powered by DC in 7~15V and with up to 2 batteries at same time (Sony NP-F).

The chassis provides buttons for access to the GUI on the rear of the monitor, to let the user concentrate in shooting, while can be accessed by simply hold the hand and pressing with the finger by lean on overwhile can be accessed by simply hold the hand and press with the finger. It have 2+1 holes for arms at 1/4 20 being 2 at the bottom side with one of them slightly to the left for better use with current DSLR's like Sony A7s series, a6300, GH4, A7R, EOS 5D, etc ..

Cinemartin has decided to left the typically extra video apps found on other monitors like zebra or waveform, to be able to provide a slimest and cost effective device, as most users can use this tools from their own camera to be displayed on Venus.
"Current professional cameras already provides extra video functions / applications tools like zebra, peaking, focus assist, etc. so users will only need to set their cameras to show that features, so we decided to left this functions in order to be able to provide a thinner, lighter and more affordable monitor. We produced one of the best state of the art monitors out there at the best price, considering that it is about half the price of similar high britghness quality panel monitors."
said Alejandro Barrada, co-founder and developer at Cinemartin.


Dimensions of this smaller than average 7" monitor are 189 x 111 and 21 mm (being the most deep part by 11mm).
Retail price is 695€ (about 795$) including international shipping, 2* sony battery small plates and a Prores and HEVC  H.265 bundle software valued at 199€ at no cost (Cinemartin Cinec 4.0 Pro).
For a limited time there is a promo for customers in exchange for a video-review. Get Venus HDR 7Inch High Brightness monitor for 495€ instead of 695€, including international shipping.

Similar featured monitors are priced > 1300€/1500$. A High Brightness monitors comparison here: http://bit.ly/2bwGUQb

Delivery of VENUS starts by end of 2016 with FIFO (First In First Out) orders available as of now via Venus website. Currently there are online a few videos where on Alejandro show the unit (pre-production) on the outsides (also comparing versus a 450 NIT monitor), check it out, in the upcoming months there will be user reviews done by the customers that get the monitor with the limited promotion.

More info including promo: http://www.cinemartin.com/monitors/7inch/venus/?r=promopr
Pictures here http://www.cinemartin.com/monitors/7inch/venus/i/allpics.zip

Video below showing a pre-production unit also comparing it with a 450 Nit display

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