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Convert Cineform to Prores, Cineform to dnxhd and more

The best quality, the best standards, the best choice
Cinemartin Cinec Pro, the leading app that inherits the features of its big brother, the renowned Cinec GOLD valued at 999 € and used worlwide by companies sucha as: REDucation, Panasonic Corp and Swiss TV Channel 9 among Others, has the ability to encode videos from Cineform to prores among other professional output presets, including H.265

Cinemartin Cinec is compatible Cineform GOPRO and Cineform Codec

What about Cineform codec ?
This is a codec that work on bith PC and MAC, developed some years ago by a company called cineform, that finally was purchased by GOPRO.

What you can do with Cinec ?

Cinec allows you encode and convert cineform videos to prores, cineform to mp4, cineform to h26, cineform to h265, cineform to virtually any profesional standard video codec .

Check out the article Henry Olonga made about Cinemartin Cinec and its capability to work for encode and convert cineform videos 

Here are the simple steps you need to do to make your sony xavc mxf or mp4 videos great, and compatibe with adobe premiere and others NLE (Non Linear Editing systems).

Convert Cineform files

1) Load your videos to Cinec, using the menu File / Add or by drag & drop the files or a folder to the main window

2) Choose the output preset (we recomend Prores or DNxHD)

3) Press the encode button and wait until the progress bar reach the 100%

You can set how many CPU / Cores you want Cinec use for your encodings.

That's all, you'll get your videos converted to prores ready for editing.

Ready for ? Download a demo of Cinemartin Cinec

Follow this link to download a copy of Cinemartin Cinec Cineform' encoder converter here: http://www.cinemartin.com/cinec/demo/

 Buy it now : Why Cinemartin Cinec ?

Cinemartin Cinec is a leading conversion software for the Microsoft Windows operating systems, being compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and windows 8 & 8.1, it is wide used by professionals of video, broadcast & film and it has been recognized by dozens of professional focused video websites including but not limited to: Creative Cow, StudioDaily, CineDigital.tv, panoramaaudiovisual.com, eoshd.com, tvbeurope.com, etc..

Following are the reasons why you must choose Cinec as your workflow conversion step application:

    Cinemartin Cinec has been developed to offer the max quality with the high speed your processors can supply. It levereages the windows video conversion world. You can see several video samples (original & converted, sources and outputs) encoded with Cinec here : http://www.cinemartin.com/cinec/samples/
     We have a dedicated support team that will be happy to resolve your dudes or offer post-purchase support for free.
  • Following is a email received from a customer on 23/03/2014, from Peter Tuddenham
  • "Many thanks for working on this last night. I appreciate your attention and you working on my computer and sorting it out.
    Impressive level of support on a weekend.
    Thank you"
    Cinemartin Cinec Pro inherits almost all the features of its big brother Cinemartin Cinec Gold (available at 999€) at 1/5 the price.
    So you can have the version used by customers including camcorder manufacturers like Panasonic Corp and REDucation (RED subsidiary), for 199€

Other encoders says that are capable to offer XAVC decode, that allow XAVC or XAVC-S to be converted to prores or other NLE compatible format preserving the quality, but they're really are not capable or sometime does not provide the desired quality any professional demand.

Cinemartin Cinec follow the standards and will be your best choice for encoding your xavc or xavc-s videos to last standards, to be able to edit your sony videos. You can also use Cinec to export your masters to commonly used output presets codec formats that today most video companies work with, the prores.

Buy Cinemartin Cinec Professional Encoder starting for 199€ here : http://www.cinemartin.com/cinec/buy/



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