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One stop solution for your system, a prores plugin exporter, a HEVC H.265 exporter for Adobe Premiere and now After Effects too.

Cinemartin Cinec PLIN is a plugin available for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, that allow users to export the sequence of Premiere Timeline or the Composition of After Effects to several professional video formats with codecs including but not limited to, ProRes (all versions) and HEVC H.265

Cinemartin Plin is the only plugin available for Adobe Premiere and After Effects that allows you to export to Prores,  H.265 on a Windows PC.
And it does the processing capabilities directy from within your NLE or VFX application.

Currently supported on Adobe Premiere CS 5.5, CS 6.0 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. as well as After Effects CS 6.0 and CC

Brilliant and professional standards


Apple prores is one of the most high quality codecs around the world. With Cinec Plin Plugin you will be able to export and save your video edit in this widespread and a worlwide 'must have' format, to deal with production, vfx, film companys, tv, spots agencies and media distributors.

Cinemartin Cinec Plin supports and convert videos to all variants of prores; Prores 422 LT, 422 (know as the std), 422HQ and 4444. it also produces prores proxies.

Prores is more than a standard, is a lossy format mainly used in post-production.  Range from 36Mb to 220Mbit/s. Prores 4444 was introduced later providing better color. It supports 4K and videos are playable on any Computer by installing QuickTime.

Cinemartin PLIN is a plugin standalone or in a pack with the superb Cinec Video Converter, to encode /transcode videos to Prores and H.265 among others. The most reputable video compression are inside Cinec and Cinec Plin.

Include support for Sony XAVC on Sony F5, F55, NX3, PXW-Z100 and Sony XAVC S on FDR-AX100
Cinec includes more than 20 presets ready for.

Providing you with the latest codecs

HEVC H.265 Cinec supports and encode to last acclaimed 4K codec, the High Efficiency Video Compression codec, know as H.265 (in Cinec PLIN Pro and Gold series).

H.265 is the codec of the future, we have advanced to that time, and rolling a way back machine back to now, by giving to users an affordable and easy hevc video converter.

See the results yourself With the H.265 encoder incorporated on Cinec we achieved the following result, by converting a Prores file of 550MB to a H265 5MB file with almost no noticeable difference at normal screens, look yourself.
Above are the videos available for download both source and output. Result was done by using Cinec Video Converter.
Astonished, Check out this web created on cinemartin with +info and sample clips of H.265 and Cinec encoding and converting to hevc h.265.

Fastest, time saving, simple and easy of use


Cinec can use several core cpus - threads of your computer to speed up work You can set Cinemartin Plin to use one or more Core CPUs - threads of your computer to speed up the time necesary to encode videos.



Just, from within your NLE editor, e.g. in Adobre Premiere, simply select File menu --> Export --> Cinemartin Cinec Plin

Choose the output presets to export your sequence timeline to the output codecs of our choice, and press encode. Wait and, Just done!.


Just, from within your After Effects go to menu File --> Scripts (Secuencia de comandos in Spanish) and click AE Plin

Choose the output presets to export your sequence timeline to the output codecs of our choice, and press encode. Wait and, Just done!.

Cinemartin PLIN cover the lack for prores conversion in the workflow of Windows pc-based systems, as an addon to its Cinec Software, available as a alone plugin or in pack with Cinec, Cinemartin PLIN, initially available for Premiere CS 5.5 and Premiere CS 6.0, from November 2014 also for Adobe After Effects and will be available in the future for Sony Vegas and Avid non-linear editors soon.



It is recommended by professionals that it is best to work on video editors with video in prores or dnxhd formats than in avchd or h264 codecs.

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