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4K 60P, 3D record & playback, USB 3.0 record

RECORD 4K at up to 60P
When purchased with the Dual SDI and HDMI inputs/outputs NEXT provides the ability to record up to 60 frames per second at 4K using dual SDI inputs.

When purchased with the Dual SDI and HDMI inputs/outputs NEXT provides 3D record side by side or frame packing

NEXT is also a USB 3.0 capable recorder, great for such cameras as Pt. Grey Research Grasshopper 3 and USB 3.0 vision cameras

Your Live station

NEXT is a computer so it means you can set your own streaming server, to let other people watch you live records.
You can install almost any NLE such as Premiere and edit, etc .. in fact the video review from How it works was edited within NEXT

Windows, Linux or MAC OS

NEXT apps (LIVE and LIVE T) are based on Microsoft Windows Operating System but Linux and MAC OS* (* on some models) are supported & compatible with NEXT.  NEXT comes with 2 apps developed by the leading company in codec and video formats software, inherinting partially the engine from our acclaimed Cinec 4.0 software, LIVE and LIVE T, for free, providing both fullscreen preview & record as well as a background transcoding automated tool.

Windows, Linux & MAC OS compatible

A portable DIT station

NEXT is a computer based device. Cinemartin partenered with a Industrial manufacturer to provide custom board to meet the requeriments that a portable 4K video demands; hight speed and low consume.
There's no other alternative on the market. There no exist any small size motherboard that can provide high speed for 12-15W TDP with an AVG of 29W of consume.
NEXT is a powerfull computer, you'll use it outside and on your office/home, you'll edit within.

Features include:
  • Component, Composite and S Video inputs on selected models.
  • MiniJack audio in/out on all models, RCA on Entry models and Analog & AES/EBU on HDMISDI models
  • 6.7" HD IPS 500 NIT Touchscreen display
  • Hardware realtime input and output video scaler FHD-HD-SD
  • 2x GigaEthernet ports, 1.0GBps network ports (RJ45)
  • 4x USB 3.0
  • Up to 1TB of integrated SSD and up to 16GB of RAM (12GB Buffer)
  • 2x Display ports for monitors up to 4K60Hz
  • Standard labtop external batteries support 12-19V
  • 12-15W TDP, AVG 29W


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