Here at Cinemartin, we only design and produce a professional monitors for Cinema and filmmaking. Like with the rest of our products, our goal, produce the best at the more affordable prices, worldwide. Just check it.

5" true 1920x1080p at 95 €

World most pro. affordable video monitor, from Cinemartin cheapest 5 inch monitor

The Ferrari of monitoring

With Dual inputs and outputs, HDMI, SDI, AC of type XLR, Dual swappable NP-F series battery plate for continuos power.

For your camera, for use on exteriors, drone usage, and with gymbals, ready for. Awesome brightness of 1000 NIT this high brightness monitor is like driving a ferrari, where on to drive a super sports car you usually need to rent a ferrari ( ¿ quieres alquilar un ferrari ? ), this can be your, like all our products we produce, at affordable prices

7 inch world most affordable native 1920x1080 monitor supportint 4K

With Cinemartin FLEC you'll be able to fit almost any accessory to your camera: mattebox, folow focus, additional power, etc ..

hdmi 1920 x 1080 monitor

Just the most sold monitor in 2017, now with its third release, check out

full hd cheap hdmi monitor

7 inch High Brightness, maximum quality

Cinemartin VENUS is a 1000 NIT HDR 10 Bit high quality profesional monitor with HDMI input and native 1920x1080 resolution.

It is the more affordable High Brightness monitor

High Brightness monitor

5.7" & 7 inch HDMI + SDI + Adv. Assist Tools

Cinemartin Loyal is the new series of bright monitors with up to 600 NIT of luminanceat FullHD of native resolution.

Loyal features cross conversion between HDMI and SDI and viceversa, as well as Histogram, waveform, peak, false color, aspect ratio, audio vumeters audio jack input etc. for less than 500$

5 inch hdmi sdi monitor (5.7 inch monitor)    7" inch hdmi sdi monitor

alquiler ferrari barcelona

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