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NEXT 4K 60p Portable Recorder Computer Now available.
4:4:4, 3D, True uncompressed, Win & Mac OS compatible. First Review

Cinemartin, the Spanish team producers of the popular Prores and HEVC H.265 standalone & plugin video converters among other cinematography tools and devices including the universal 15mm baseplate, now is proud to announce the inmediate availability of NEXT, the portable palm size 4K 60P video recorder / display / computer, featuring 3D and world first true uncompressed avi, Motion-Jpeg and DPX native recording, plus all variants of Prores up to 4444 and H265 transcodes, being the first in his category in the form of a portable computer as it is a Intel 64Bit Industrial based device

NEXT records up to 4K (UHD 24-25-30-50-60P & DCI 24-25P)  at 8 & 10-Bit, plus 1080p60, 720p60 and lesser framerates, at  4:2:0, 4:2:2 or up to 4:4:4 being the first in his class to feature RGB recording (in addition to YUV) and support for 4K60P using dual 6G-SDI inputs, featuring the ability to record and playback in 3D (side by side or frame packing). Starting at 995€ (limited time offer from 1.295€) for a OEM Basic model for DIY users that have or plan to separately purchase or integrate its own memory, drive and any compatible Decklink card (cards ranging from 200€ to 999€), there are some pre-build models, at 1.695€ for a Ready Entry model and 2.195€ for a Pro Kit, but customers can choose the features they want, so all the way up to the customized builds, where client can select video input/outputs, ram, internal storage capacity, battery packs, box or brifcase, and other accesories. 4K 60P is supported via dual 6G-SDI inputs.

High speed, true cinema quality, 3D and almost any codec

NEXT, The uncompressed recorder / tablet size / desktop powered device from Cinemartin, features a Industrial 64-Bit Intel Based computer, 4th or 5th generation processor, with a 6.7" HD 500NIT touchscreen, 8 to 16GB RAM and a integrated internal SSD of up to 1TB. It is able to record true uncompressed video (cinema quality in a single .avi file) at up to 4K30P in both HDMI & SDI inputs or at up to 4K60P in dual 6G-SDI (6G-SDI are backwards compatible with HD-SDI & 3G-SDI).
It is available as of now, and the first shippings (first in first out) will start in May 2015. Deliveries 4-5 weeks after order.

Can be ordered with or without batteries, as there are wide available as it uses standard external labtop batteries from 12V to 19V and consumes an avg of only 29W (featuring a TDP of only 15W). Weights only 1.5 Kg.

 Portable Video Computer

All models are computer based, featuring 64-Bit Intel industrial components, providing hours and hours of battery life, more than 3 without sleep or hibernate modes that can be enabled on device to long battery for more than 5-7 hours, then simply put a finger over the display, move it, and Cinemartin NEXT gets back from sleep in less than 1 second. Cinemartin has been partnered with a industrial manufacturer to be able to provide this features in this space with this power consume, as there is no mass produced computer boards providing this specs.

With state of the art last technology including 8 to 16GB of RAM, and a integrated SSD 6G from 250GB to 1TB, featuring 4th or 5th Intel generation chipset, the unit provide for hours of material in Motion-Jpeg, or 40 minutes of uncompressed 4K 25P or DPX as defaults native recording formats, and hours and hours of professional codecs once transcoded to Prores or H.265 using the included background transcode tool. .

The unit comes with Windows 8.1 (upgradeable to Windows 10) and it is a powerfull station with plenty of realtime input and outputs, with up to 4x 6G-SDI and 2x HDMI and 2x DisplayPort and 2x GigaEthernet ports. From a Celeron to latest Core i7 5th gen., meaning users can plug a keyboard and mouse,plug a computer display and/or a video monitor and start editing.
<- Left picture: Following Hands-on video review was recorded and edited in Premiere Pro CC (8.0) and then uploaded to youtube / vimeo with the same NEXT device, no any other thing, no any other computer, no any other drives (as there is no need to move files between computers as you can edit in the device), just a keyboard, mouse and a optional monitor.

First Hands-on Review video
In this video Alex review the Cinemartin NEXT 4K device, using a Panasonic X1000. Composition starts at 11.30 (all uncompressed). Project was edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 (8.0) with the same Cinemartin NEXT device. Clips from Panasonic ZS18 and ZS25 compact cameras conformed to 25P from 29.97 along with uncompressed 25P clips from NEXT. . Exported to H.264 at 35MBps You can download the higher quality (higher than youtube) video from here: http://cinemartin.com/next/v/P1010410_2.mp4

 Link to youtube Hands on:

Bluetooth, Wifi host enabled, GigeEthernet and your own Live Streaming server
NEXT is Wifi and Bluetooth ready so users can connect to internet, send, share or upload to youtube, or send to an FTP but as it comes with dual GigaEthernet ports plus wifi host enabled, users can host a streaming server and once joined a network, other users can play the clips recorded and stored on NEXT, everywhere, like from the other side of the world, from their own computers, tablet, mobiles and monitors just with a internet connection.

Cinemartin NEXT device may complement and convergent with existing and new recorders including VideoDevices PIX-E5, PIX-E7, Atomos Shogun and Convergent Design Odyssey. The advantatges of NEXT are being able to record 4K in true uncompressed avi, up to 4:4:4, 3D, múltiple formats, and providing a portable computer compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC OS to enable a streaming server, a portable high speed NLE and DIT box, etc. for a reasonable comparable price

NOTE: For OEM and DIY users, it will be possible to install any OS via USB pendrive: Windows, Linux and MAC OS*, but Cinemartin will only provide software for Windows on the beggining, being possible to port the included windows Live & Live T applications for fullscreen recording and transcoding to MAC at later date. *MAC OS is only compatible on NEXT devices with predefined or custom OEM builds based on models powered by Corei7 4th or 5th gen or Core i5 or i7 5th gen.


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