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There's no graphical manipulation on the above images, are true orignal and 265 outputs from Cinemartin Cinec


H.265 Video converter for professionals

With Cinemartin Cinec 3.X you can convert videos from almost any input* to H.265 HEVC codec format from up to 4K.
Cinec is one of the firsts to provide an H.265 encoder for windows, can be purchased and downloaded online, and is one of the best in his class for the film, broadcast and TV world for an affordable price.

Cinec 3.X features the 2nd upgrade of the popular H.265 encoder, it has several advantages over previous one (up to the v.3.0) including wider formats supported, a little more faster and disk space size saving capabilities (let you save around 40-50% of disk space compared to 3.0).

And we are pleased to announce that our HEVC converter produces the best pictures at the best size. Continue reading ..

The smaller size as possible with unnoticeable differences


Encoding videos to HEVC h.265 with Cinec is just as easy as load a file, choose a preset for the output, and click encode.

Outputs can be played with the provided free player (for Windows) to deliver the last standard up to date.
Cinec is used by professionals including TV's Channels from around the world, vfx companies, postproduction studios and +


Output clips produced by Cinec 3.X are very unnoticeable compared to the originals., just look at the right side of this, and watch the video (-->).


Cinec 3.X Gold series comes with 3 presets for converting videos to, the HQ for best quality, the RQ for small size, and the SQ for the best of both world

Amazing but simply true.

As you can see in the next video, Cinec 3.X converted a 4K HQ video coming from the new 4K camcorder from sony, the PXW-Z100, with size at 290MB (as it output the camcorder), to a mere 1.5MB h.265 video with no noticeable differences

This results are even better that the ones that produced Cinec 3.0 H265 Encoder v1.

For videoclips, spots, and prof. broadcast distribution

All videos converted to the new H.265 distribution model format with Cinec, will help you to distinguish from the others.
Advance to the future, this kind of videos will be supported by HTML5, and will be the next blu-ray delivery's for 4K televisions.
This codec is best suited for 4K & UHD productions, but with Cinec you can also take profit of the new efficience video codec for 720p & 1080 sources, well, Cinec encodes even std SD pal or NTSC sources.
HEVC - H.265 videos encoded with cinec states at the top of the art in quality for distribution, comparable to the best h264 specification or even better, but with less disk size. Just the best picture / size ratio for distribution.

Following are sample clips encoded to prores and to H265 using Cinemartin Cinec Pro 3.0   

Look at the new h.265 codec, download (right click .. save as) the original prores 444 sample clip (490MB) and the one converted with cinec 3.0 to HEVC, look at the quality of one vs. the h265. Look at size, its 5.82 MB vs 490.00 MB. Click on any image to open at its full size.
   RIGHT: H.265
prores 4444 converted file from cinec h.265 converted file from prores 4444 file using cinec v3.0
Results are incredible, well, some quadcore cpus are recomended to achieve reasonable times, but even with modest dual cpus the encode is possible.

Support your customers

Support your customers, let they watch & play hevc videos.
Download h265 hevc video player for PC or this hevc h265 player for android

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* Almost any input are supported but not all videos encode well to h265. You can send us some sample video to our support team for check compatibility, we will be happy to give you back the encoded h.265 output.


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